"A Wodka as we believe a good Wodka should be."
FREIMUT WODKA "Rather unusual in comparison with any industrial standard."

World-Spirits Awards 2015 ("VERY GOOD PRODUCT")

From grain to bottle AN affair of the heart
“I believe that Wodka should be more than neutral spirits to mix up fruit juices. Usually Wodka is replaceable and tasteless. This is what I wanted to change."
 Because: "really good Wodka should have its own character and flavour.”

Florian Renschin, Founder of FREIMUT Wodka

This is what we believe in. Enthusiasts. Perfectionists. Connoisseurs.


FREIMUT WODKA . This is our vodka.


A Wodka as we think our Wodka should be.


We believe in a Wodka with natural facets and

the aromatic benefits of nature.

We believe in a Wodka with taste.


We believe that Wodka should be more

than neutral spirits to "just" mix alcoholic drinks.


We believe in a Wodka with character, a Wodka

 that tickles your taste-buds and

creates a richer taste of numerous drinks.


We believe in a Wodka with character.


We believe in the enthusiasts, the perfectionists, the connoisseurs.

In constant effort and in persistence.

In people who care about what they´re doing,

in people who turn our Wodka into something individual.


We believe in people, who give their very best to create our Wodka the way we think it should be.


We questioned  the standard methods of production.

Then we proceeded step by step, creating  FREIMUT Wodka according to our individual standards. From grain to bottle.

Genuine, with the best ingredients of our choice.

Pure. Without chemical additives.

Without artificial flavour. Without sugar.


This is FREIMUT Wodka:  a  German Wodka.

Different. Pure. And of strong character.


If you drink our Wodka, be responsible.

Enjoy every sip, live free and have fun.

Enjoy FREIMUT Wodka whenever you want.




"We believe in a Wodka with character..."
From grain to bottle all-natural awarded

Nowadays craft isn’t always what it is supposed to be. To us, however, craft means being in charge of every single step.


Free from the pressure of industrial efficiency we try to achieve the best in every single step.


Organic Wodka - does it even make sense? Originally we did not plan to create FREIMUT as an organic Wodka. It just happened by trying to fulfill our own guideline „to make everything as pure as possible“.

"We never intended to make FREIMUT an award-winning Wodka."  At all times it was simply our approach to create a superb German Wodka and to keep the taste.


But obviously we are delighted that FREIMUT Wodka has been winning  various  awards since.

FREIMUT („free, bold courage“) refers to a character, who speaks openly with no consideration for a possible dissent or for social conventions.

FREIMUT Spirituosen GmbH



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