- and every step in between - From grain to bottle
Our great secret? We manufacture our alcohol in-house. WHY? HOW?

First of all Wodka is “just” a mixture of alcohol and water. Nevertheless we were certain that a good Wodka requires more.

 From the beginning we knew that we could not rely on the quality of additionally purchased neutral alcohol.

As pure as possible – this guideline is the basis for producing FREIMUT Wodka. This is why we start  on the fields of our farmer in Niederlausitz Heath. From there we get our most important (raw material) ingredient: the North German Champagne Rye. Moreover we use a special distilling plant and partially malted rye, all carried out with care and professional expertise.

There are various factors that turn an average Wodka into a superb Wodka.  The more factors you are able to influence the more likely it is that you will create an exceptional Wodka. This is why we decided to be in charge of every single step in order to achieve the best results.

The right ingredients, expertise and care. These are the most important factors for a really good Wodka. You can taste it.
» The Golden Rule «


There are many rules for distilling. One of the most important is,

that it is the mash that matters most. The better the mash, the better the distillate.

Quite simple, actually, - and this is the reason why we produce all on our own,

literally, from grain to bottle.


This is what really matters. And in the end you can taste it.
» In favour of more flavour and a Wodka of better quality. «
Our water

Often underestimated: the water. For FREIMUT Wodka we  wanted a water, which tastes good even without  alcohol.


We found this water in an old water gallery in the Hochsauerland region: A soft, natural spring water with a round and very pleasant taste.

60% of FREIMUT consist of water.
A German Wodka Our grain

The main ingredient of FREIMUT Wodka is a North German Champagne Rye of an old and genuine German variety.


The rye for FREIMUT Wodka comes from the Niederlausitz Heath, a region between Leipzig, Dresden and Berlin. There our grain is being cultivated from a family business in organic farming.


Our malt

Accordingly the malt for FREIMUT Wodka is also genuine, made from our North German Champagne Rye. It comes from a small, family-run malt house in Central Franconia.


The malt provides us with important natural enzymes for producing the mash. Thus we can do without any artificial enzymes at all.

Moreover, the malt provides a unique taste which we do not want to miss.


The mash The amount of Craft The distillation... ...and its master

The mash is the basis of every distillation - and the real challenge in manufacturing  FREIMUT Wodka.  Water, grain and yeast are crushed for fermentation. If something went wrong at this stage, the flavour would  irretrievably  get lost.


By 90% the quality of Wodka is determined by the quality of the mash. And we produce our own mash!

As good as we possibly can  – carefully, with clean and whole grain of top organic quality.


LOW & SLOW -  Moreover we ferment 4 times longer than in an efficient mass production. By colder fermentation we improve both the quality of alcohol and the flavour of our mash.


We distil the alcohol for our Wodka in our own distillery and in two steps.


We distil the “raw distillate” to extract the alcohol from the mash.


Then we proceed with  the “fine distillate”. Now great care and time are crucial. 48 bubble plates within a twelve meter high copper column still  destil the alcohol to 96.4% vol.


Jürgen Behlen is probably one of the best and most experienced master distillers in Germany. - He has the skills, the expertise and the appropriate equipment to bring our FREIMUT Wodka from the field into the bottle.


He is both perfectionist and enthusiast,  and he never gives up, even when it’s getting difficult. He always keeps his goal in mind – to get the best out of the mash without ruining the fine distillate by overdoing the distillation.


The fermented mash is a kind of an "raw" Craft Beer.

For one litre of Wodka we need more than ten litres of mash.


Our production - from field to bottle. Straight from the field Genuine This is where the magic happens With 56 distillations to over 96% by volume. Experience

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